Wykroje Union Knopf

You'll now find terrific Union Knopf dressmaking patterns at myfabrics.co.uk. The dressmaking patterns for bags, in particular, provide you with a host of opportunities to express yourself creatively. Those who are new to sewing will especially enjoy working with the pattern templates as they are easy to understand and to implement.
  • Spodnie, Union...

    Spodnie, Union Knopf 905
    51,00 zł
  • Boldy Bag

    Boldy Bag
    23,00 zł
  • Baggy Bag

    Baggy Bag
    23,00 zł
  • Foldy Bag

    Foldy Bag
    23,00 zł
  • Spodnie, Union...

    Spodnie, Union Knopf 908
    51,00 zł
  • Matchy Bag

    Matchy Bag
    23,00 zł
  • Spódnica, Unio...

    Spódnica, Union Knopf 902
    51,00 zł
  • Bluza, Union K...

    Bluza, Union Knopf 090
    58,00 zł
  • Shirt, Union K...

    Shirt, Union Knopf 907
    49,00 zł
    39,50 zł
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